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Classy Canine Grooming

Your Dog Groomer in Bexhill (and surrounding areas)

As a qualified groomer with canine first aid accreditation and a member of Groomers Spotlight, all my services are designed around your dog. My classy canine grooming sessions range from full breed standard to pet standard grooming, to hand stripping, to ear and teeth cleaning and much more, for all small to medium-sized dog breeds. I am salon-trained but provide a more holistic approach to caring for your dog from the comfort of my home.


The Approach

All dogs are given space to play and to get to know me before a treatment. My garden and areas of my home are enclosed and secured, so your dog is free to roam, explore and acclimatise to their new surroundings before getting down to the treatment they need. Your dog’s comfort is paramount when undergoing a classy canine grooming session, designed bespoke to fit around their needs so, if your dog does feel nervous during a treatment session, they are free to hop down from the grooming table and run around until they are calm and happy once again.



Treatments And Grooming Services

Full / Short Groom

The full/short groom bespoke pet grooming sessions includes a bath and dry, sanitary areas and/or clipping, trimming and scissoring, at your request, to a breed or pet-standard finish.

Natural, kind shampoos and conditioners according to skin type are used and I finish the session with a fresh, natural fragrance spray, giving your dog that light, comforting “just-groomed” scent. If your dog uses a prescribed shampoo or conditioner that you prefer, please bring it along and I am very happy to accommodate that need.

Prices start from £40
Dependent on breed, groom and time.

Please Note: I charge an additional £15 for severely matted dogs.

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Dog Grooming in Bexhill

Hand Stripping

This more in-depth treatment session helps maintain your dog’s coat texture and colour. The top coat is stripped, either by hand, or with the use of a carding knife. This is followed by bathing, drying, scissoring and sanitary areas, and finished with a natural, fragrant spray. Classy canine grooming has never been more in-depth.

Prices start from £45
Dependent on breed and time

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This treatment includes a bath and blast dry, specifically designed to remove the excess old coat and to allow the new coat to grow healthy and clean. As part of a bespoke pet grooming session, the coat is raked and brushed out, scissored appropriately, including the sanitary area, and finished with a natural, fragrant spray.

Prices start from £45
Dependent on breed, groom and time.

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 House Calls

Grooming your dog in your home, this service is especially good for owners and their dogs who prefer the familiarity of their own home. A full groom, as per your request - washing ,drying, clipping, scissoring etc., finishing with a natural, fragrant smell.

Prices start from £40
Dependent on breed, groom and time. (Additional charge for travel)

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Small puppy at our Dog Groomer in Bexhill

Puppy Grooms (From 5 Months)

Get your first puppy groom free of charge! Gently introduce your new best friend to the world of grooming in an environment where they can explore, feel safe and learn about the process at their own rate, desensitising them to a strange new experience at the same time.

As a part of this bespoke pet grooming session, I offer a gentle wash and massage, using only natural and kind shampoos and conditioners, followed by a warm dry and a gentle brush out. The sanitary areas will be cleaned and the groom finished with a natural, fragrant spray.

First treatment free! Following that, prices start from £25 per session, dependent on breed and groom. (Valid for puppy-age dogs)

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Nervous dog at our Dog Groomer in Bexhill

Nervous Dogs

A short groom, perfect for anxious dogs. Your dog is allowed free range of the garden to get used to this new experience in a strange place. This will help them sufficiently desensitise to their new surroundings.

Similar to the puppy grooms, I offer a gentle wash and massage to further relax them, using naturally kind shampoo and conditioner, followed by a slow dry and then taking care of the sanitary areas, paying special attention to your dog’s demeanour, to make sure they’re not stressed or overstimulated by the procedure.

Prices start from £35
Depending on breed and groom.

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Please Note

Cancellation within 24 hours will incur the full cost of the groom

An additional £15 will be charged for severely matted dogs.

"Sanitary areas” include nails, abdomen, pads and genitalia.

The shampoos and conditioners used are always natural, gentle and kind to the dogs. A variety is used but, if you have a specific brand that your dog prefers, or if they have been prescribed a certain brand by their vet, feel free to bring it along.



All dogs must be free from fleas and ticks (will occur a charge).
All pre-existing conditions must be disclosed during consultations.



In addition to my classy canine grooming sessions, I also offer a daycare service, including lots of one-on-one playtime and plenty of toys for your pet to play with and walks on the beachfront.

Available at mine or at yours. Priced from £12 per hour for one pet or £15 for two pets, plus travel expenses 


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Pet / House-Sitting

This service is available within a 1-hour radius of my home in Bexhill, where I care for your pet/s and your home whilst you are away, allowing them to remain in their familiar surroundings. I can also combine that service with any of my bespoke pet grooming sessions as an add-on at your home.

Priced from £70 per day, additional charges for two or more pets plus travel expenses (excluding additional grooming services)
50% deposit required after the 2nd meeting to secure dates and remainder to be paid immediately after pet/house sitting has ended. 30% refunded if cancelled within 48hrs or 20% refunded within 24hrs.
Please get in touch today via my contact form to discuss this further.

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