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Dog Groomer in Bexhill:
Who I Am

My name is Terrie and I’ve covered a host of industries throughout my working life but, when I found home based dog grooming, I knew this was the right path for me. The dog that sold me was Dudley, a whip-smart and fiercely loyal Shar-Pei that was handed down to me by my son. He came to me as a puppy and I instantly fell in love with him. I couldn’t go anywhere or do anything without him and that love I have for all dogs has never faded since.



How The Process Works

1. Get in contact by any of my contact channels to book any of my services.

2. Complete a pre-groom consultation. On arrival, fill in a record card with all relevant information about your dog, followed by the reading and signing of my disclaimer.

3. Let your dog get acquainted with me and my space.
4. Free roam time! 10-15 minutes of play outside in my enclosed garden, to expend some energy and ensure your dog is ready for their groom.

5. The groom begins. We go inside to my designated grooming area and complete a pre-check, feeling for any lumps or bumps or uncomfortable areas, to make sure your dog isn’t in any major discomfort throughout the process.

6. A double wash to get your dog clean and fresh.

7. Drying off – either blast or slow drying, depending on which is necessary and appropriate.

8. A clip/trim and sanitary area.

9. A fragrant spray to leave your dog feeling fresh and smelling great!

Job done! 



Please Note

If, at any point in the process, I see that your dog is uncomfortable, scared or nervous, I will make sure they come off the grooming table and head outside for another play until they loosen up once again. A groom isn’t always the most comfortable experience, so I try not to use leashes while treating your dog, unless it’s absolutely necessary. It is of the utmost importance to me that they feel calm, relaxed and are able to sit or stand in a position that suits them for the duration of one of my home based dog grooming sessions.



Happy Corgi dog out in the garden


Qualified And Accredited

For your peace of mind, it is imperative that you use a qualified dog groomer when it comes to caring for your pet.

My qualifications:

Level 2 City and Guilds Dog Grooming
Level 3 OCN Diploma with Accredited Canine First Aid
“The Groomers Spotlight” Registered and Approved
DBS Checked
Fully Insured



All dogs must be free from fleas and ticks (will incur a charge).
All pre-existing conditions must be disclosed during consultations.



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 07950 235 971 to book your service with a qualified dog groomer in Bexhill with a love for all dogs!

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